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This form is used to start the process of:

  • Invoice/Vendor Payments

  • Reimbursements - If an expense was paid out of pocket, you can submit your receipts to be reimbursed. 

  • Mileage Reimbursement is also supported by our forms. 

  • Making Reservations Online 

    • (Hotel, Conference registrations) 

  • Ordering Items/ Food Online

    • (Amazon, Learning Without Tears, Chipotle ect.)

  • Requesting Purchase Orders

Reimbursements are not permitted for the following expenditures: 


    • Approved business mileage is reimbursed per IRS guidelines.  



    • Hiring Toolkit is required to be submitted and approved prior to the expenditure. 

    • Expenses for professional services paid without a Hiring Toolkit are not eligible for reimbursement.

A To Z Funds
Please use 'A to Z fund' as the organization you are submitting for.

Name of school or the name of fiscally sponsored project. You can type in the name of your organization to refine the picklist. If you cannot find your organization please call 510-221-6968 x780.

Questions? Please contact our team at services@oaklandedfund.org
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I understand and comply to the standards set forth by the Oakland Public Education Fund below:

  • Reimbursement Policy: 

    • Professional services, gift cards, and gas are non-reimbursable

    • Receipts must be legible upon submission - date, transaction amount, items purchased, and proper proof of payment must be clear (“Paid in Full,” “Charge”, “Swiped”, “Cash”, or the last four digits of the credit card used (ex. Visa xxxx1234).

    • Receipts that claim to be processed at a later date or subject to change will not be processed

    • Each line item must correspond to ONE receipt on a request. Requests that have combined receipt totals will not be processed. 

  • Online Order / Reservation Policy / Pay a Vendor or Individual Policy. 

    • For ordering items from Amazon or Blaisdell’s I understand that I must first have a business account set up through the Oakland Public Education 

    • The Oakland Public Education Fund cannot process quotes, estimates, or pro-formas. 

    • Attachments must show items, name of the vendor, relevant contact information for the vendor and total cost (including sales tax, shipping & handling, etc.). 

    • Illegible attachments will not be processed and may cause delays in processing

    • If the total cost is higher than what was originally approved the form must be resubmitted

    • Each line item must correspond to ONE invoice. Forms that are submitted with rolled up totals will not be processed. 

    • Professional services or stipends regardless of amount must have a W-9 on file with the Oakland Public Education Fund. W-9s can be emailed to contracts@oaklandedfund.org

    • Any professional services $600.00 and over must have a contract on file in order to release payment. Payment will be withheld until a hiring toolkit is submitted and a contract is completed. Please contact contracts@oaklandedfund.org for any questions. 

    • Stipends must have an offer letter and W-9 if needed the Ed Fund and provide you with a template offer letter

    • Stipends that show an hourly rate will not be processed

  • Processing time policy:

    • Checks will be mailed Thursday Afternoon for all forms submitted by 12pm on Monday and signed by project approver by 5 PM on Monday. *Release of payment is contingent upon Oakland Public Education Fund approval and internal review from staff and holidays* 

    • Purchase order requests and credit card payments will be processed within 72 hours of receiving all approval signatures. 

    • Any missing information, documentation, or unclear instructions will cause delays in processing time or may prevent the submission from being processed

    • Due to the high volume of requests the Oakland Public Education Fund cannot expedite requests or make special accommodations 

For any questions regarding our policies please contact: Payments@oaklandedfund.org
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