Request to Issue a Grant 

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Use this form if you want to:
  • Start the process by which the Ed Fund will issue a grant to a public agency or non-profit organization.
Do not use this form if you want to:
  • Pay a contractor, hire an employee, or pay an invoice
What you will need before you continue:
  • Name, phone, and email of the primary grant contact
  • The grant that is the source of these funds
  • The purpose, deliverables, and outcomes of this grant request
If you have any questions please contact us at grants[at]

When you are ready, click below to get started.

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Who is completing this request
Who is the main contact for the organization receiving the grant and can sign the grant agreement?
You have indicated that this is a fiscally sponsored project.  Please enter the main contact information for the fiscal sponsor.
Request Details
Example: San Francisco Foundation Grant
What organization received the original grant / funds?
Example: 10000.00
What is the ultimate purpose of this grant? Example: "To support the Middle School Athletics program at Frick Middle school."
What are the impact goals of this grant? Example: "Increased athletics participation by students."
What are specific goals for this grant? Example: "Hire 3 coaches"
Example: Please indicate this grant as a donation from an anonymous fund.
Payment Details
Example: Successful submission of signed grant letter
Upload a file
you may upload a pdf of MS Office file. No more than 2MB.
Where are we sending this grant?